Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Pieter Ijsselstein - Hen Pecked Pottery and Hope River Studio

Pieter Ijsselstein produces a line of items that incorporates his flock of hens in the decorating process. The video of his flock at work tell the story of  Hen Pecked Pottery.

Operating an art and craft studio in Hope River, PEI with his wife Geraldine, a painter and weaver - the combined efforts operate under the name Hope River Studio.

The Prince Edward Island Pottery, 1880-1898

Three milk jugs by the Prince Edward Island Pottery  (1880-1898)
Items from the original Prince Edward Island Pottery, a company that operated from 1880-1898 remain a collectible form of historic pottery both in PEI and beyond. While there has never been a book published on the topic, solid research has been conducted on the 18 year history of the business and the site of the operation was excavated by Donald Webster of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1970. The operation was located on what is now the Charlottetown Research Station (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) near the Charlottetown Farmers Market. A line of trees remains at the edge of a field marking what has been long known as Pottery Lane. Webster's article published on the research is now available online. His abstract introduces the topic.

The Prince Edward Island Pottery was established by Oswald Hornsby on the outskirts of Charlottetown in early 1880 and, following its closing in 1898, all structures and buildings were demolished in 1903. During its 18 year operation the pottery produced the greatest range of earthenware forms yet established to any Maritime's pottery, and the only known marked wares. The site of the Prince Edward Island Pottery was excavated by Donald Webster of the Royal Ontario Museum in 1970, in conjunction with historical research and a survey of its surviving products. 
There is also an valuable article on the Prince Edward Island Pottery called Red in the Soil, by Catherine G. Hennessey, which was published in the PEI Centenary Issue of the Canadian Collector magazine in 1973. A book by Hennessey released in 2015 tells the story in concise form. The book was reviewed by The Guardian the year it was published.

Catherine Hennessey holds one of the pieces that first piqued her curiosity in pottery 50 years ago. The Charlottetown historian has just published the Prince Edward island Pottery Company.

Pottery mark of the Prince Edward Island Pottery

From collection of Catherine Hennessey

Pottery Lane on Charlottetown Research Station.
Image courtesy of  Aubrey Bell - Gallery18

Image courtesy of  Aubrey Bell - Gallery18

On Sept 16, 2012  Gallery 18 conducted a live auction and listed the following item.
Sold forC$520
Sep 16, 2012
LOT 0035
Image courtesy of  Aubrey Bell - Gallery18

From the collection of Tom Banks

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Joyce Champion, Kensington

Joyce Champion operated a pottery in her home studio in Kensington, PEI during the 1970s to 1990s. After she relocated to a retirement home,  her house was sold during the summer of 2012.

Four different examples have been located of her potters mark. In three she used a variation of her name or initials in a free hand style on the bottom rim or within the bottom are using - Joyce Champion, PEI or djc PEI, Joyce PEI. The fourth is a mark using a block of printers type with the words JOYCE CHAMPION.

She tended to work in stoneware and was skilled at throwing large vases and working a variety of clay bodies.

Gary Carroll, a Charlottetown collector and researcher has provided copies of her business card.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - The Dunes - Peter Jansons & Joel Mills

The Dunes Studio Gallery in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island, features the work of two potters, Peter Jansons and Joel Mills.

Peter Jansons, the owner, is a second generation potter. He is a Toronto-born Canadian of Latvian descent who began his pottery career in his mother’s studio. He graduated from Sheridan School of Design and taught at Western Tech in Toronto before coming to the Island in 1978. He is the creative force behind The Dunes Studio Gallery and CafĂ© which is a spectacular space designed by Peter's architect father and surrounded by impressive gardens.

Peter’s long-time associate, Joel Mills, is an Island native and ceramics graduate of Holland College School of Visual Art. In addition to his work as potter at The Dunes, Joel teaches a pottery classes at the P.E.I. Potters’ Studio Co-op in Victoria Park, Charlottetown and is an avid sailor and cyclist.
In 2016 the studio work of The Dunes is being signed "The Dunes - PEI" as well Peter signs some of the work "Jansons PEI".

A video interview with Peter is a good introduction to his operation. As well an article by The Guardian tells of how the business has evolved over time.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Clay Impressions Pottery Studio - Ellen Burge

Clay Impressions Pottery Studio is home for Ellen Burge, when she isn't operating her booth at the Charlottetown Farmers' Market. Her website indicates:

If you are interested in purchasing my pottery please email me.
Ellen Burge
(902) 676-3296

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Pottery By The Sea - Kerry Kingston

Pottery By The Sea was established by Kerry Kingston 1996 in Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI. The retail shop was inside her home for 5 years and then in 2001 she began construction of a new shop, for production and retail only. This new shop and studio is located in North Rustico.

Previous to her current business Kerry operated Mud Puddle Pottery.

Kerry signs her work with her initials KK and includes PEI on her work.

Her website indicates her contact information:

Toll Free 1-866-963-3647
Mail :: RR#2, Hunter River, PE, C0A 1N0

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Hawkins Pottery - Patti Hawkins

Patti Hawkins of Hawkins Pottery, North Granville began her career as a potter working at Village Pottery in New London. Since opening her own studio she has been signing her work with the HP PEI mark.

843 Rattenbury Road (Rte 254), North Granville, PEI
Tel.: 902-886-2697

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Hutchinson Pottery - Jessica Hutchinson

Jessica Hutchinson participates in an artisan gallery which features a selection of pottery, weaving and jewelry by a talented group of Island artists.

Address: 697 Rustico Road, North Milton, PE, Canada
Phone: 902-569-2756

She uses both a signature "hutchinson" and potters mark based on a stylized H on her work.

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Mud Puddle Pottery - Kerry & Peter Krauskopf

Husband and wife potters Peter & Kerry Krauskopf opened Mud Puddle Pottery in 1978 with shop located initially in Mt. Mellick and then Belle River, PEI.

Kerry and Peter have been producing pottery on Prince Edward Island since 1977. Peter became an art teacher in the 1980's, and Kerry, now remarried is known as Kerry Kingston and has continued with her pottery business. Peter retired from teaching and is an active potter.

Kerry attended Douglas College in Surrey, B.C. and moved to the Island shortly after. Her company Pottery by the Sea was first opened in 1996 in Victoria-by-the-Sea, PEI. The retail shop was inside her home for five years and then in 2001 she began construction of a new shop, for production and retail. This new shop and studio on the north shore in North Rustico.

For more on Kerry's work see the blog post on Kerry Kingston.

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Dale Paynter - Burlington Pottery

Dale Paynter grew up around pottery in his parents studio in Burlington, PEI so it was natural that he would take an interest in the field. Although his career interests developed in other areas, examples of his wheel-thrown pottery indicate he was a developing potter in the 1970 when Burlington Pottery was a family business and pioneering retail pottery studio on the north shore of Prince Edward Island.

Dale signed his work with his initials JDP as well as the location PEI.

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Michael Stanley Pottery

Michael Stanley is a second generation potter, having grown up with parents Christine, a weaver and Malcolm a potter who together operate Stanley Pottery & Weaving in Breadalbane.

Michael served his apprenticeship in the family studio between 1999-2004 where all studio production is signed Stanley, PEI along with the year. Opening his own business, Scorched Earth Pottery in 2004, his work was signed Scorched Earth PEI between 2004-2008. Most of the work was for the wholesale trade during this period as well as a certain amount of raku work.

In 2009 Michael entered the retail trade when he opened his Charlottetown studio, first on Richmond St. and then relocated to 89 Water St. in 2011. He operated under the name Michael Stanley Pottery and uses a potters mark that is based on a tree of life image he created himself.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Rainwater Pottery

Linwood and Elizabeth Thompson operated Rainwater Pottery during the 1980's in Little Sands which is located in eastern Prince Edward Island.

Jacquese Conley and her husband were a couple of newly weds on their honeymoon, and recalled their visit to the operation and the pottery they bought there while providing us with these photographs of the work.
"It's been thirty years and they still look as good as the day we bought them .. and we still love them. Thanks for an opportunity to share." 

Correspondence in 2009 with Rob Wilby, a potter who lived nearby indicated,
"They closed around 1985; the Thompsons who ran the business have both passed away over ten years ago. We knew them well."
It appears that the Thompson's work was primarily in red earthenware clay and that they used the company name "Rainwater - PEI" written in a script style as their pottery mark.

Marilyn MacLean - P.E.I. Potters Cove

Marilyn is a student of Ron Arvidson who attended Holland College School of Visual Arts pottery program in 1982 and followed Ron to the P.E....