Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Prince Edward Island Pottery Company - 1980's

A short-lived pottery factory (ceramic production using moulds) was established on PEI in the 1980's which operated in the West Royalty Industrial Park and had a wide line of items initially including a major crock-pot liner contract. The company didn't survive financially.  I have not come across any of their production items or images of their work. 

The name the West Royalty company operated under was the same name as the historic one from the 1880's - the Prince Edward Island Pottery. They may have also used tradenames to distinguish their more commercial work from the items aimed at the tourist trade. 

Any additional information that anyone has regarding this commercial ceramic production would be appreciated.

Seaclay Pottery - Jamie Germaine

Located at 1043 South Melville Road, South Melville, Seaclay Pottery is the studio name for Jamie Germaine, and accomplished potter whose work forms part of the Prince Edward Island Art Bank Collection.

"Working out of a studio beside her home in South Melville, PEI, Jamie Germaine produces both wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces with a unique style of textured surfacing that has become characteristic of her work. Her surrounding environment of woodland and sea is reflected in the organic nature of the surfaces she creates on her pieces. She has recently been experimenting with the subtle effects of smoke firing on hand-built bowls. She has studied pottery in New York, Vermont, Prince Edward Island, Mexico and Italy and has exhibited in Prince Edward Island and New York."

Monday, January 12, 2015

Pottery Marks of Prince Edward Island - Rachna Gilmore

Rachna Gilmore is an award winning author currently living in Ottawa who lived on Prince Edward Island in the 1980s where she was an active potter and student of Ron Arvidson at Holland College School of Visual Arts. Rachna was active as a writer on PEI where her first children's picture book, My Mother Is Weird was published in 1988. Still in print with Acorn Press, it has become a classic.

Rachna signed her work with a RG that has a creative styling of the letters. She also included PEI on her work.

Marilyn MacLean Pottery

A student of Ron Arvidson at Holland College School of Visual Arts pottery program followed Ron to the P.E.I. Potters Studio in Victoria Par...